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About Us

KVVK Tööd OÜ was founded on 13.04.2009 as a private limited company.
Heating, ventilation, water supply and sewerage systems have so far been seen as a part of general construction in the market of owner supervision, but that no longer meets all the needs of the demanding clients today. The topicality of energy efficiency, growth of the popularity of green mentality and changes in the legislation have risen the awareness and pretention of the customers and made the environmental and construction requirements stricter, all of which demand more and more specialization in the area of owner supervision services.
KVVK Tööd OÜ offers consultation in the field of heating, ventilation, water supply and sewerage, construction project management and owner supervision services to main contractors, local governments, larger owner supervision companies and apartment associations, including offering engineering services to contracts based on the FIDIC contract conditions.
The company has employees with the necessary qualification and work experience and the required registrations in the Register of Economic Activities (MTR No. EEJ001939, EEP001591, EEO001895, EEK000603, EEH004035, EPE000490) to provide the abovementioned service. The employees of the company have been acquainted with the local construction market for 14 years and are themselves well-known in the construction market.
Today the company is operating with two employees - Ants Hermann and Raivo Kraak. Both employees have the professional qualification necessary for offering the services of the company (two Master’s level degrees, one of those a technical Master’s degree on water economy) and 15 years of work experience on the studied specialty. Raivo Kraak has today specialized on environmental water economy projects and Ants Hermann on creating utility systems to buildings. All employees have the knowledge of at least two foreign languages, spoken and written. English, Finnish and Russian can be used as working languages.
To this date the biggest projects of the employees of the company include: managing the ventilation and cooling construction works at the Tartu University Hospital, managing all special works of the expansion of the passenger terminal of the Tallinn Airport, managing ventilation construction works at the Tartu Kaubamaja, managing heating and ventilation construction works at Ülemiste Kaubanduskeskus, managing the ventilation, heating, water supply and sewerage works at the Kalev Chocolate Factory. The designing and construction works of water supply and sewerage systems of Puurmani Parish, the town and parish of Põlva, the town of Võru and the expanding and renovation of the water and sewerage network in the city of Tartu.
For now, the market for the services of the company is seen to be limited to Estonia, at that offering our services all over Estonia, i.e. we will come to the client.

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